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Is the soul of R & D, quality of life, management efficiency, funding and promoting development
Sunon Group Co., Ltd. was established in 1991 in Hangzhou. It is an enterprise group specialized in office furniture, home furniture and real estate investment, now with totally 2,500 employees. And it made RMB1.456 billion of revenues in 2009. It holds net assets 2.395 billion. Group Headquarter - commercial building with 37 storey located in the central of Qianjiang New Auburn, with a total construction area of 70,000 sqm, total production base of about 300000sq. The group is ranked in "top 500 zhejiang Businessmen in China", "top 100 competitiveness of large Group in Hangzhou", and assessed as No.1 overall strength of the Chinese office furniture brand. 
Sunon is a benchmark of self-developed in industry. There are 132 Professional R & D persons and have got 204 Patents these years. It is the only one Patent Model enterprise in Zhejiang province among same industry. And particularly the new product --- "leading series". The design is combined of the virtual, patchwork, calm in sprit. It builds an efficient business center". Once launched, it got good comment from experts/industry and customers. The self-developed product won gold medals for six consecutive years in the world's second largest fair --China (Guangzhou) International Furniture Fair. 
On Marketing, Sunon adhere to "domestic and exportation simultaneously, direct marketing and distribution together." Currently, domestic sales stations have been over all second-line and above cities. For Beijing, Shanghai, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and areas around, we set up direct sales branch company, with responsibility center model "everyone is the boss". And other regions are by way of brand licensing. These two models are complementary and reinforce each other. It will be the most prospective and competitive sales model in the field of office furniture in future. There are totally 65 countries and regions Sunon export to. And more than 90% sales of products are by self research and development. Sunon Brand promotion is being intensified continuously. Now it accounts for 3% of sales presently, reaching more than 35 million in 2009, which effectively supports the marketing, business development and make a further promotion of business philosophy "work is leisure" . 
During 20years' operation, Sunon have a deep understanding of the "Quality is the life" .In 2008, we set cooperation with the most experienced consultants Co.-Shenzhen Hezong resource who implement "Toyota manufacturing model" domestic, leading (JIT). Annually we send important persons to different advanced enterprises home and abroad to exchange and learn experience, and most of producing managers have half-year's training experience in advanced manufacturing enterprises in Japan. Meanwhile, sunon's hardware has reached the international leading level after years' upgrading. All aspects of work improve significantly each year. In 2009, the average production capacity to 220RMB/hour, the number of improvement reached 4325 pieces. The unit valued production capacity reached domestic leading level. The staffs, learn to judge, learn to save in consolidation, learn to be standards in cleaning, learn to polite in ritual, and learn safety in work. 
Enterprises adhere to the management of the trinity-"processes of system, person, information-based". By the way of weekly meeting for managers and "Sunon Paper", we propaganda the importance of system processes, meanwhile we set up a team of procedures promotion to make every department draw up perfect work system and procedure, carry out the implementation in practice, also support the audit department to review. We bring into middle and senior staff and Students through various effective channels, and use the effective training system, for example, each university student enter into the company, he will start from the grassroots so that they can really combine the theory and practice. The education method is now approved by students, parents, schools and society. It is recognized as the "second school" to train professionals, and in Dec. 2009 it was awarded as "Youth entrepreneurship Work Experience base" by Group center. In 2010, the company launched ERP information technology projects to make sales, purchasing, production, logistics, customer service and Finance be information in series in one and half years. 
Over the years, company pays more attention to build a comprehensive management, to create a police linkage system, to effectively control the potential risks. Company's bad debt rate was zero for many years. Even meet financial crisis, it also bellow 2%%.
In order to bring in talent, to improve the condition for working and living, Company invest 5 billion to build a 37 floors SUNON story in Qianjiang new city.  
Sunon is rapidly moving beyond, and strive to become the first enterprise of Zhejiang furniture to achieve annual sales of 10 billion. In 2015, when the 12th "Five-Year Plan" of the country is completed, the Group will achieve to 5 billion of operating income, 1 billion of profits, of which furniture account for more than 50%. Office furniture, product development, brand promotion, business management, in the consolidation of China's first based on the pull and the followers of the distance, become "Wahaha (one famous brand in china)" in furniture area. 
We bring into and train talented person access to Multidimensional and multi-channel way continuously which makes each who used to accept "Sunon Furniture School of Management" works independently like outstanding ones from "Haier University" to be industry's shining star. 
Over the years, Sunon gradually formed a management idea "R&D is the soul, quality is the life, managing decides effectiveness, capital promotes development", follow the strategic aim "leading in domestic, synchronization with the world" we are? becoming the industry's leader.